Research Approach

The European Calculator provide decision makers with a highly accessible, user-friendly, dynamic modelling solution to quantify the sectoral energy demand, greenhouse gas (GHG) trajectories and social implications of lifestyles and energy technology choices in Europe.

The scientific mission of the project was to develop a sophisticated, yet accessible, model to fill the gap between integrated climate-energy-economy models and the practical needs of decision-makers.

The novel and pragmatic modelling approach is rooted between pure complex energy system and emissions models and integrated impact assessment tools. It introduces an intermediate level of complexity and a multi-sector approach that is based on co-design with scientific and societal actors.

The model relates emission reduction with human lifestyles, the exploitation and / or conservation of natural resources, job creation, energy production, agriculture, costs, etc. in one highly integrative approach and tool which enables decision makers to get real-time policy support underpinned by comprehensive trade-off analyses.

The overall structure, and respective interactions, of work packages in the EUCalc project have been summarised in the figure below. For further information on the individual Work Packages see the sidebar.