2050 Calculators

A number of calculators have already been published, such as the 2050 Calculator set up by what was the UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (http://2050-calculator-tool.decc.gov.uk/#/home) and there are more in the pipeline. The website www.2050.org.uk had an overview of calculators completed to date (https://www.2050.org.uk/calculators ) but the website is currently off-line.


Related projects

(Project running under the same call as EUCalc)

INNOPATHS is a four year EU funded research project that aims to work with key economic and societal actors to generate new, state-of-the-art low-carbon pathways for the European Union. http://www.innopaths.eu 


REINVENT is a four year EU funded project that focuses on four industrial sectors (Plastic, Steel, Paper, Meat & Dairy) that are financially important, but where low-carbon transitions are still relatively unexplored. Its approach is to study and understand transitions and emerging initiatives from within sectoral contexts, where government climate policy is only one of many factors that shape perceptions and strategies. http://reinvent-project.eu