A ‘Policy Dialogue’ event was held in Brussels last month that show-cased the decision support tools that the EUcalc project and its sister Horizon 2020 project COP21 RIPPLES, have developed to assist EU policy making in the net-zero transition.  The dialogue event’s audience was made up from a broad cross-section of policy actors including academics, relevant European commission officials and other decision makers interested in the contribution of the European Union in reaching the Paris Agreement. The presentations and discussions centred on various possible pathways and potential trade-offs in relation to the long-term strategies (LTS) and the potential linkage to the EU Green Deal. Another launch event is also planned in Brussels with the EU Parliamentarians during this last month of the European Calculator project, showcasing the tool and providing these law-makers with an opportunity to play and interrogate the EUCalc model through its Transition Pathway Explorer interface.

Here you find more information on the programme and the presentations.