The next EUCalc expert consultation workshop on “The future of land use, water and biodiversity in Europe” will take place in London in September (19-20 September 2018)

Hosted by the Imperial College London the workshop is devoted to the Land, Water & Biodiversity module of the European Calculator and represents one in a series of ten workshops that will be held during the development phase to elicit expert feedback in different sectors included in the Calculator.

The critical role of the Land, Water & Biodiversity module is to define the scope of action and to allow users of the future Calculator to simulate a number of Land, Water & Biodiversity trajectories and their associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to different demands for products (goods and services) by 2050 and beyond.

Examples of questions that the workshop will aim to address are:

  • What are the critical trade-offs and synergies to consider in terms of land use change and emissions? How can multiple competing uses for land (e.g., biodiversity, food production,energy provision, production of bio-materials, water use, urbanization, mitigation, adaptation) be prioritized and parameterized in the calculator?
  • To what extent should consideration of global biodiversity be taken into account in the calculator – either through supply chain, land competition or from climate change perspective?
  • What are the key practices to consider in terms of agricultural, fishery and forestry practices (e.g. agroforestry, multiple cropping, aquaculture, and so on)? To what extent these practices may affect bioenergy and biomaterial potentials, land-use, water and biodiversity, GHG emissions and so on?

The agenda of the workshop can be found here: EUCalc_Land Use Water Biodiversity Workshop_Agenda (pdf, 312KB)

Participation is by invite only, for any inquiries please contact: Onesmus Mwabonje at