On the 5th of September members of the EUCalc team will be taking part in a European Commission networking and knowledge sharing event for decarbonisation projects in Brussels.

The challenge for the EU to move towards a carbon neutral society results in an increasing concern about human induced climate change. Consequently, the environmental, economic and energy related impacts of policies are considered to be of critical importance. This event will aim to identify different approaches that address these aspects as well as at discussing how they can be jointly applied in order to assess and / or to design policies to achieve a carbon neutral economy. Furthermore, the event will contribute to the discussion on pathways and transition scenarios that are compatible with the Paris Agreement and to better understanding and definition of a transition after the IPCC SR15.

This event has the following objectives:

  1. Addressing the challenges in defining the carbon neutral pathways that are compatible with the Paris Agreement, taking into account research and policy perspectives.
  2. Exchanging current experience in defined topics (i.e., focus groups) to get insights on current state of art, and consequently the requirements needed for future developments.
  3. Providing a networking space, where projects representatives, research & modelling teams and policy makers, can meet and exchange on common questions and share insights on the ongoing projects.

The agenda of the event can be found here: networking_event_5Sept_updated