Air pollution can lead to a range of serious adverse health outcomes. Long term large epidemiological studies have shown that there are a large number of adverse health effects associated with air pollution.

Hosted by Imperial College London and TUDelft on the 9th of April at the Weeks Building, Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) in London, the purpose of the latest EUCalc project expert consultation meeting was to find a science based methodology to describe these impacts in a robust manner in the EUCalc.

The meeting was chaired by Garret Patrick Kelly with Ana Rankovic of SEE Change Net in a dialogue with  Gregor Kiesewetter, atmospheric physicist @IIASA, Rita Van Dingenen, senior scientist, and Emanuela Peduzzi, researcher, @JRC’s Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate – Air and Climate Unit, Mihai Tomescu, energy and environment expert @European Environment Agency,  Jeremy Woods, Marc Stettler, Daniel Mehlig, Liang Ma @Imperial College London, Patricia Osseweijer and Farahnaz Pashaei Kamali @TUDelft, Amaury Anciaux @ Data at work, withVlatka Matkovic Puljic, Senior Policy Officer on Health and Energy @HEAL and the Honorary Fellow Mike Holland, guiding us toward science based health impact conclusions for our EUCalc  model.

The pre-read document of the meeting can be found here, while the ppt presented during the meeting can be found here.