The Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) culminates in a yearly conference, bringing together scientists and policy makers to discuss cutting edge energy modelling issues. The 2018 edition of the conference on ‘Modelling Clean Energy Pathways’ took place in Brussels (25 – 26 Sept.) and EUCalc participated by presenting a poster on the concept of the European Calculator being developed.

The presentation of the concept of the European Calculator was met with interest by participants. The European Calculator ambition of transparency in data, methodology and its implementation meets the aim to create trust amongst users and politicians in the value of models. This was also highlighted by members of the European Commission and Parliament in a session on the Energy-Water-Resources Nexus.

The poster presented at the EMP-E 2018 conference can be found here: EUCalc poster EMP-E 2018 (pdf, 675KB)

For an overview of the conference please see the following link: