With the participation of a small but keen group of relevant stakeholders, the first user demand evaluation and concretisation workshop on 14 December 2016 served to gather initial feedback from stakeholders on their needs so that the team can better understand how best to focus the development of the European Calculator.

The strength outlined associated with the EU Calculator were transparency, holistic approach on energy and land use alongside the ability to showcasing uncertainties among others. Regarding the challenges, the difficulties in getting detailed information from all the 28 member states, obtaining robust cost data and ensuring the calculator has the capability to be utilized for policy impact assessment were sighted.

The stakeholders also advocated for a deeper interaction by the consortium with NGOs, public and private sector upon lever diversification on transport, particularly, urban transport in relation to mode shifting, aviation and heavy duty. They also stressed on having meaningful dialogue between sectors that are interested in the burden sharing, rate of change/technological development, implicit cost of carbon of different technologies.