Policy Briefs – Pathways towards a European Low Emission Society

The Policy Briefs on Pathways towards a European Low Emission Society, summarises key finding of the
EUCalc project with a clear policy orientation, which provides practical climate change mitigation insights to
both EU and individual Member States decision-makers. These policy briefs cover the following topics:

No. 1: The role of lifestyles changes in EU climate mitigation

No. 2: Innovation and technology development: Decarbonisation pathways for manufacturing & production sector

No. 3: Long-Term Renovation Strategies: How the building sector can contribute to climate neutrality in the EU

No. 4: Avoid, shift, improve: Decarbonisation pathways for the transport sector in Europe

No. 5: Mitigating GHG Emissions through Agriculture and Sustainable Land Use: An Overview on the EUCalc Food & Land Module

No. 6: Decarbonizing the EU electricity sector from ageing powerplants to renewable energy futures

No. 7: Implications of decarbonizing the EU economy on trade flows and carbon leakages: Insights from the EU Calculator (will be published soon)

No. 8 : EUCalc scenarios on impact of European air pollution on human health

No. 9: Prosperous living for the Europe in 2050: An insight from the EU Calculator (will be published soon)

This policy briefs reflect the author’s views. The European Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.